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The wireless temperature monitoring system is a completely customizable monitoring display and alarm system for temperature critical applications. BLUE JAY's wireless temperature monitoring system can help your business maintain health regulations, no matter which industry you are in. This device contains one Base monitor unit, one Data receiver unit and 3~12 wireless temperature sensors. Easy to install with DIN rail or mounting, user can determine the sensor type, or choose our sensor solutions are right for you. Provide customize your system with additional sensors and data logger options as needed.

Why we use wireless temperature monitor
All of our industries need to use temperature monitor system. For example, if you work in a chimical process, you will face so many data, the important is temperature, which include monitoring the temperature of storage systems. 
by using BLUE JAY modern and efficient wireless temperature monitor system you can check on your operational equipment without the need for mounds of paperwork and will not to endure cobweb-site wiring. That you only need to place sensors and in your office open receiver.
How they works
The wireless temperature monitor system transmits the temperature data at regular intervals to the base monitoring unit , where the data is processed and presented as user-friendly and flexible reports. These can be easily accessed anytime. 
If a remote sensor detected temperature goes out of the set range, the system will trigger an alert. It can be text visual and audible alarms, via RS485 also can transmitte alarm signal to control center. The memory in base monitoring unit can record all temperature data and corrective actions are archived providing complete first-hand information.
What is the benefits they can take for me
Having a temperature sensor acting as your data logger installed as part of the temperature monitor system allows you freedom of paperwork. No more forms to fill in, which not only saves time but also saves storage space. From the wireless temperature monitor system, you can build a wireless network, they are also can integrate with other system, such as SCADA, EMS, DCS that can make your control system more reliable and accurate.
We mainly use this wireless temperature monitor in fire monitoring, place the sensor in necessary position, monitor the temperature exceeded then send alarm signal, you can know all of this data in office, and prevent a disaster.
BLUE JAY developing the products and services, we also provide many innovative features to ensure that they meet customer’s requirements and easy to implement. we can supply what you are looking for.


As the detection system terminal, Base monitor unit collecting the temperature data from various wireless sensors, contains a 3.5''display unit, 4 keys can be used to set the parameters, alarms report and view historical data. With multiple communicate interfaces can be connected with computer for online monitoring system.


In order to expand the signal reception range of monitor system, we use RS485 link data receiver unit and base monitor unit. maximum communication distance upto 3900 feet. This improve the monitor range of wireless temperature sensors, can multi-direction data collection. Easy to build a wireless monitor network.


Small size of sensor unit, support DIN rail and screw mounting. Using the built-in battery-powered, can uninterrupted working for 5 years. Data transmission interval set by the base unit, by connecting different sensors to detect the different temperature range.