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New Product-Battery Monitor MTX105P
The BM-MTX105 series multifunction battery monitor have new type: MTX-105P

Have following new features:

• Dual-side metering, can show system charging / discharging current data.
• With two line LED display, show volt (V), amp (A), power (W), amp-hours (AH), running hours (H), battery state of charging (SOC).
• Protect your batteries against deep discharge
• With on-line calibration function, the user can calibrate the voltage and current values easily.
• Use external shunt for amp data sampling, support up to 500A circuit measurement.
• User can free to set the measurement battery capacity, can used in variety types of battery systems.

We provide easy install kit, with two pcs Anderson type plug, and 25mm external connection wire(50A/10AWG)

Now you can free to purchase in our online store

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Blue Jay Technology Co.,Ltd
2013 National Day holiday notice
To Customers:
The National Day holiday in 2013, our company will off work for 7 days holiday
Company will closed from Oct.1 Oct. 10.7, on Oct.8 all the staff can back to work.
The orders from online store in holidays will be postponed delivery untill  to 10.8.
All the expected delivery orders in Sep. 25 to Sep. 30  will be postponed to Oct.10 to Oct.15, our sales team will send mail for detail information
Thanks for your understanding
Blue Jay Technology Co.,Ltd
Important News
To dear client:

Chongqing Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd changed the title to "Blue Jay Technology Co.,Ltd" and registered a wholly owned subsidiary "Chongqing Blue Jay Technology Co.,Ltd"

Blue Jay Technology Co.,Ltd product range cover Electrical Automatic, Temperature and Humidity Monitor, Wireless Technology device, Sensor, Low Voltage Accessories. New company "Chongqing Blue Jay Technology Co.,Ltd" provide business service to our wholesale agent, resaler client and non-core product business including, but not limited to: Lead-acid Battery, Solar Energy Product, Electrical Generator.

Until end of 2013, two company business may have some overlap, if there is any questions, please contact Blue Jay Technology: info@cqbluejay.com

Thank you for taking time to read this news

Blue Jay Technology Co.,Ltd


Upload the BOS1000 software version 1.1
After three-month test period, Blue Jay Technical Team debug the BOS1000 software, and upload the new version(1.1)

New Feature:

Add the RS485 scan interval configuration

From most customer requriement, BOS1000 add the RS485 port scan interval, defalt 1000ms, user can free to change this value, upto 20sec

Adjust the record file format, save in pagination

In order to ensure the readability of data storage, the record Excel file in path: ...\Record\Device_X.xls

Fix some Bugs

Fix the occasionally Interrupt occur during the save procedure
Fixed a display interface
Modify the interface display problems in "About Us"
Modify some the structure of the data display

Pack the individual software for Multifunction Power Meter

Download the BOS1000 for BJ-QPCX
Download the BOS1000 for BJ-194Y
Download the BOS1000 for BJ-194Q

If any question, please contact Blue Jay Technical Team: tech@cqbluejay.com
QPCX Three phase power transducer upgrade
Blue Jay Electronic upgrade the QPCX three phase power transducer

Up to 4 output channels, standard 3 channel output

Optional 4~20mA, 0~20mA or 0~5V, 0~10V output

PS (Total active power)
QS (Total reactive power)
PF (Power factor)
FR (Frequency)
SS (Total apparent power)

When order the QPCX with RS485 port, Blue Jay Electronic free to provide configuration software, can easy to change the output channel parameter.

Order now sales@cqbluejay.com
980X series switchgear control device
Blue Jay upload the 980X series switchgear control device, integrated design can reduce system investment. They are the best solution for 3~35KV Medium/High voltage indoor switchgear, do not need separate switch postion indicator, voltage detector, temperature controller, rotary switch.

Just need send the primary side circuit diagram to Blue Jay technical team, and tell us your requirment, then wait 15 work days, you can got the customized products.

Basic type: Integrate Switch Panel Condition Indicator (9800-9803), Product Introduction
Advanced type: Switchgear Intelligent Control Device (9805-9808), Product Introduction
How to purchase an excellent electrical measurement device?
Good morning! Today I’d like to talk about some tips of how to purchase electrical measurement devices, and I hope this is useful for you. Electrical measurement device is a concept of general word. As we know, Multi-meter, installation type instruments belong to electrical measurement devices. Here, we mainly discuss how to choose installation type digital meters.
Well, digital meters, according to the function, can divide as follows: Voltage meter, Current meter, Active (Reactive) power meter, Frequency meter, Power Factor meter etc, including the all-in-one function type called intelligent multi-meter. This part mainly discusses some common sense.
Instrument accuracy
Electrical measurement devices include 7 classics: 0.1; 0.2; 0.5; 1.0; 1.5; 2.5; 5.0
The level refers to error percentage of instrument when it come full range.
For example, the accuracy of 193I-9X4 three-phase current meter manufactured by Blue Jay is 0.5 with input current of 5A. That is to say, when this current meter measures full range current of 5A, the maximum of error percentage won’t be 0.5
Another way to discuss device accuracy is called uncertainty level. We’ll talk it next time.
Digital meter and analog meter
Digital meter is known for its precise reading and high accuracy.
The strengths of the analog meter, according to the motion of pointer, we can know the change trend and scope.
Our company, specializing in "power control, power protection automation" equipments, is a fist-class manufacturer. We offer intelligent digital meters for energy saving and eco-friendly.
Power supply
Generally talking, power supply can divide three types, transformer power supply, switch power supply, and the battery.
Transformer power supply:

Strong anti-interference ability and anti-harmonic, but solo input voltage classic that DC not available
Switch power supply:

Wide input voltage range 70~250v Poor anti-interference ability, especially in heavy harmonic places like steel plant
Input measurement signals
The accuracy of DC is far higher than AC.
The true effective and average value
The multi-meter shows average digital of power parameters in a very short period of time.
Installation type meters precisely display power parameters digital in real time, having the characteristics of strong anti-interference ability anti-harmonic and frequency variation.
Optional functions
There are some optional functions, besides the general measurements.
Communication function: Supporting RS485 and MODU BUS protocol
Analog output function: 4~20mA
Control function: When the voltage is overload to setting value, the meter can alarm by relay output.
C/T ratio setting
The full range of current meter can be set based on installation transformer. And the setting value is any one of 5A~8000A according to our country standard.
Respond speed
Digital meters generally adopt specialized chip giving consideration to multi-functions and respond time is slow down. Only 3 ~ 5 digitals are available in one second.
Our company, Blue Jay Electronic digital meters can show 50 digitals in one second with high precision and strong stability. The respond seed is quite fast for customer satisfaction.
Other frequency meters
What we talked above is all about meters of frequency 50 Hz.

But there are some other frequency meters for special field application. Like digital meters of frequency 40 Hz are for aeronautical application, and meters of frequency 20 Hz for super audio power and transformer output current.
Blue Jay Electronic can satisfy customers’ need by manufacturing different frequency of digital meters.
Digital monitor software
When using digital meters with RS485 communication, customer generally has to write digital-monitor programmed manual. That is troublesome.

Our company is for free writing this manual for customers to improve production efficiency. For customers, we do best.
At last, thank you for reading.
BOS1000 Software for 194 Series Multifunction Power Meter
Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd provide BOS1000 Operation Software for 194 Series Multifunction Power.
It can connect Max 32pcs power meter, direct show the monitor electrical parameter through reliable RS485  network. BOS1000 software provides real time monitoring and meter configuration, also provide data logging for energy data saving, user can use this data for power quality analysis. This software is intended for users to monitor multiple parameters continuously, and allow users to monitor and maintain the meter in real-time.

Know more about Blue Jay 194 Series Multifunction Power Meter, please click this link-->

Know more about power meter accessories, please click this link-->

Know how to use the BOS1000, please click this link-->

Click here to download BOS1000 for start!
Comments of the distributed power on-gird service from China
China State Grid Corporation recently publish <Comments of the distributed power on-gird service>, following the support of distributed photovoltaic grid, the State Grid Corporation will support be extended to wind power, natural gas and other types of distributed power. Various provinces and cities have introduced a specific mode of operation guide.
Definition of distributed power is located near the user, the power can place the use of grid voltage level of 10 kV and below, single and outlets does not exceed the total installed capacity of 6 MW power generation project. Including the type of solar energy, natural gas, biomass, wind energy, geothermal energy, ocean energy, resources comprehensive utilization of power generation.
In terms of price settlement, distributed power grid to the implementation of the upload, download charge separate settlement, tariff implementation of relevant national policies. Distributed photovoltaic power generation, wind power project, the company is free to provide the gateway metering device and the measurement electricity generating capacity.
China Government plans in 2015 to build 1000 natural gas distributed energy projects, 10 natural gas distributed energy demonstration area; distributed solar power generation will reach 10 million kilowatts, the new energy model city built 100-based distributed renewable energy applications.
Expected spurt in the future for the distributed power of individual users bidirectional energy measurement instrument, Blue Jay Electronic will seize this opportunity, in existing small metering equipment technology, and integrate the Internet of Things technology, to publish a new measurement products. The main target customers are small businesses and house users, can be able to do measurement, data analysis, monitoring of energy storage devices integrated monitoring functions products.
2013 Spring Festival Holiday
In 2013 Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd will have a 18 days holiday in Spring Festival

Factory will close from February 4 to February 20

International Sales Department will close from February 6 to February 18

All orders will be arranged after February 20, delivery time according to the PI and contract, any problem plase send mail to info@cqbluejay.com, our staff will reply you asap.


Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd
QPPX programmable transducer manual renew notice
From the developing department:

Blue Jay Electronic modify the BJ-QPPX programmable transducer internal software, renew the user manual, customer order the transducer please download the version 2.1 manual after 2013.1.1

Thanks for your cooperation
MTX-105 manufaction is suspended presently
Thanks for all the customer that purchase our MTX-105 multifuntion battery monitor, because of the product upgrades, we decide suspend this product sales.

We will improve the calculation methods of SOC(state of charge), program will provide humane setting.

The schdule of the pluse product online is in the end of March.

If you want get more info of MTX-105 or other battery monitor device, please contact our sales team mail: sales@cqbluejay.com
Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd the office locations relocation
Blue Jay Electronic Co.,Ltd move to new office location, please change the delivery info to following address:

Building 13, 2-8, Jialing third village Pioneer Park, Jiangbei District, Chongqing

Contact tel: +86-023-67636974

Contact fax: +86-023-67636974

Our sales team and technical support team will always provide you the best service!