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BM-MTX105P Multi-Function Battery Meter
MTX-105P is advanced battery monitor with dual-side metering function do not need change the wiring in charging/discharging process. have external connection board can work with different range current shunt and easy wiring connection. Mainly used for monitor the 12V/24V/48V solar system battery working condition.

Same compact size as previous generation MTX-105P show volt amp power charge capacity running time data add battery type correction factor K SOC(scale of charging) function help user known the detail information of battery.
• Dual-side metering can show system charging / discharging current data.
• With two line LED display show volt (V) amp (A) power (W) amp-hours (AH) running hours (H) battery state of charging (SOC).
• Protect your batteries against deep discharge
• With on-line calibration function the user can calibrate the voltage and current values easily.
• Use external shunt for amp data sampling support up to 500A circuit measurement.
• User can free to set the measurement battery capacity can used in variety types of battery systems.
• Max. voltage measurement: 12~36V DC. (two wire connection)
• Max. voltage measurement: 140V DC (three wire connection)
                                                      need extra 10~40VDC AUX power
• Max. ampere measurement: 500A
• Total 4 digit 7-segment LED display
• Sampling rate: 5 times/sec
• Resolution: 0.01V 0.01A 0.01W 0.01AH 0.01H
• Mounting: panel mount Indoor
• Panel Size: 79mm×43mm×25mm
• Recreational vehicles solar power systems industrial systems forklifts service vehicles maritime applications
• Low voltage Battery charge and discharge process monitor and protection.
• Provide battery SOC display.
(Just the meter body customer can configure the shunt as they wish)

(The meter body configured with 50A shunt)

(The meter body configured with100A shunt)

(The meter body configured with 50A shunt and 25cm wire Anderson plug)

(The meter body configured with 50A shunt and 50cm wire Anderson plug)

(The meter body configured with 100A shunt and 25cm wire Anderson plug)

(The meter body configured with 100A shunt and 50cm wire Anderson plug)
  • BM-MTX105P Introduction
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  • 11-26-2015
  • MTX105P User Manual ver_1.2
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  • 11-26-2015