Digital Panel meter
Multifunction power meter
Electrical transducer
Power Factor Correction
Other DC meter
Router and adapter
- Accuracy class 0.2
- TFT Colorful screen display
- RS485 communication
- Variety of measurement parameters

- Accuracy class 0.5S
- With RS485 MODUBUS
- Measure variety of electrical parameter
- Accuracy class 0.5S 
- Work with BOS1000 software
- Record and read 3 month energy multi- tariffs data
- With RS485 port MODBUS
- Optinal expansion interface for automatic control
- Mini size 72*72mm
- Low cost for LCD display
- With RS485
- Accuracy class 0.5
- LED display
- Low cost design
-Max 10 channel for DC grid
-96*96mm panel size
-6 DC/2DO for control
-Design for PV system