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BJ-194Z-9SY Network Multifunction Power meter
BJ-194Z-9SY is advance multifunction power meter  manufactured by Blue Jay. It is the ideal choice for monitoring and controlling of power distribution systems. Provide RS-485 communication port easy for user connect to PLC and build SCADA system.
High measurement accuracy(0.5) and system stability it is cost effective ideal for OEMs and panel builders solution. With its four direct access keys and LCD displays (Option LED display screen) helps you use all the parameters in 3P3W or 3P4W LV installation.
• Class 0.5 for basic power parameter
• Display 3 lines 4 digits and 1 decimal 0~9999
• Current measuring .../5 or .../1 A
• Voltage measuring .../100V or upto 450V direclty
• ITF Technology: galvanic insulation protection inputs outputs
• Universal series power supply (85~265VAC/DC)
• Replace the three-phase power meter three phase electricity transmitter
• Transformers generators capacitors and electric motors distributed detection
• Medium and low pressure systems
• SCADA EMS DCS integrators
• With RS485 port MODBUS to set programming and read the data.
• Optional I/O port: 4 digital input & 2 digital output for alarm trig
• Optional AO port: 1 analog output for basic parameter
• Power parameter measurement:

Active power
Reactive power
Apparent power
Power factor



  • BJ-194Z-9SY_Introduction
  • PDF
  • 118KB
  • 12-08-2015
  • BJ-194Z-9SY Manual ver_1.2
  • PDF
  • 502KB
  • 12-08-2015
  • BJ-194Z-9SY RS485 protocol_1.2
  • PDF
  • 189KB
  • 12-08-2015
  • BOS1000 for 194Z
  • RAR
  • 866KB
  • 12-08-2015
  • RS485 protocol_2.0(work for BOS1000)
  • PDF
  • 210KB
  • 12-08-2015