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DCEM Multi-channel DC Energy Meter
DCEM energy meter is an advanced solution for multi-channel DC system. It can visually display voltage, current, power data and energy cumulative data. With a panel keypad, it can set voltage display parameters and the DC shunt parameters. 
With RS485 communication interface, DCEM can be connected to the monitoring center. It is a high-performance automatic meter suitable for UPS system detect, Solar energy plant monitor, industrial and mining enterprises, civil construction, building automation etc.
Power supply
Power Supply: 85~265VDC/AC
Consumption: < 4 VA
Current signal: 0-20mA or 0-5V / 0-10V
Voltage signal: Max to 1kv
Measurement channel: Max 10
Precision: 0.5 class
Insulation Resistor: >100MΩ
"AC 2kV / 1min between AUX to current signal / DI / RS485
AC 1kV / 1min between current signal to DI / RS485
AC 2kV / 1min between voltage to AUX / DI / RS485"
Communication port
Digital Link: RS485 MODBUS-RTU
DO port: 2 channels
DI port: 12 channels
Ri<500Ω ON / Ri>100kΩ OFF
Ambient Temp. / Humi.:  -10 ~ 55 C / ≦93% RH
Dimensions: 96*96*71mm
Install hole: 91*91mm
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  • 04-11-2016