Astronomical time controller
Multi-step timer
Time controller
1.Microcomputer and programming time controller
2.Operating power:AC220V 50HZ
3.Controlling time range: 1M~168HS
4.Operating errors: ≤±0.5S/day
5.Contact capacity: 20A AC220V (resistance)
6.Programming quantity: 8 sets switching program /day (with keyboard lock)
1.Rated voltage:220V/50HZ
2.Mains voltage range:160V-240V
3.Resistance load:16A
4.Power consumption<2VA
5.Timing range:1min-168h
6.Ten groups of timing is available in the form of hand and automation.
7.Timing error:<±0.5s
1.Voltage:AC12-220V 50/60Hz
2.Time Range:0.01S-99.9H
4.Contact:Timed 1SPDT Inst. 1SPDT
1. Types: ASY-2D digital timer 2 digital
2. Contact capacity: 5A 250V AC
3. Coil voltage: DC: 12 24V / AC: 12 24 48 110 220 240V
4. Coil power: 3VA
5. Time range: 9.9s 99s 9.9min 99min 9.9h 99h
6. Electrical life: 100000 times
1. Votage:AC110-240V DC12V-24V
2. Contact :Timed 1 SPDT
3. Operation:time operation
4. Timing Range: cycle per week or day
1. Standard voltage: AC220V/50/60Hz
2. Scope of power supply in point: 160V~240VAC
3. Resistive load of switch capability: 16A
4. Wasting power: <2VA
5. Scope of time control: 1MIN~168HOUR
6.Time error: <±0.5 SECOND/DAY
1. Standard Voltage: AC220V/50/60Hz
2. Power range: 180-250V
3. Resistive load switching capacity: 16A
4. Contacts: one normally open and one normally closed
5. Set Switch Views: 16 on and 16 off
6. Minimum switching time: 1 minute