Temperature data logger
Temeperature controller
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DR-210 Printer Temp Data Logger
DR-210A is a temperature and humidity data logger with a wide temperature range high accuracy and large recording capacity. Dot-matrix LCD screen can simultaneously display system clock current work status recording capacity and temperature and humidity data. The logger has USB interface and RS485 interface. It has two alarming output: buzzer and alarming relay.
DR-210A data-processing software has the functions of real-time transmission historical data uploading data saving and printing etc. This series of products are widely used in industries of foodstuff medicine cold-chain transportation and other industries accordant with HACCP system certification. It could also be used in laboratory where needs temperature and humidity supervision.
• Power Supply: 12VAC/DC~24VAC/DC Power supply 90~264VAC 50/60HZ is available by connecting external power adaptor
• Temperature measuring range: -50~120C
   Temperature Accuracy: +/-0.5C for the range -30~20C
                                         +/-1C for -40C
                                           2C for other range(If sensor wire is longer than 50 meters accuracy deviation 1%)
  Temperature Sensor Type: NTC (sensor wire length five meters)
• Humidity Measuring Range: 0-95% RH
  Humidity Accuracy: (@25C): +5%RH;
                                    (@10~40C): 0~59%RH: +6%RH(max)   
                                                        60~95%RH: +8%RH(max)
  Humidity probe supplier: Honeywell
• Display Resolution: 0.1
• Recording Cysle: 1minute to 24hours continuously set
• Recording Capacity: each channel 130000 points (max)
• Ambient Environment:Temperature -35~70C; Humidity 0%-95%
• Alarming output: buzzer and alarming relay
• Communication Interface: USB interface and RS485 interface
LED screen
Recording: each channel max 4500 points

LCD screen
Recording: each channel max 130000 points
  • DR-210A+ Introduction
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  • DR-210A Introduction
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  • DR-210A user manual ver_1.3
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