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RCW-400A Temp & humidity Data Logger
RCW-400  is  a  dual  temperature  and  humidity  data  logger  with  a  wide temperature  range  and  high  precision.  RCW-400  helps  you  to  monitor  the temperature  and  humidity  at  anytime  and  anywhere  via  a  GSM  SMS  alarm function  and  cloud web  service. As  soon  as  the  temperature gets out of  a  set range you will receive an alert with the actual temperature via an SMS message. 
RCW-400  is equipped with cloud service software which enables  real-time monitoring via a website and mobile apps. Through the cloud data system you are able to view download and print the data statistics. Its Segment LCD screen can display the system clock the current work status recording capacity and other data. 
RCW-400 comes standard with one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor with  the  option  to  upgrade  to  include  an  additional  temperature  and  humidity sensor. It has a built-in rechargeable  lithium battery which allows monitoring to continue and signal alerts even if there is loss of mains power. 
The product  is  easy  to  install  and  easy  to  operate.  It has  the  advantages of  a wide temperature range high accuracy and a large record capacity. The  product  is  for  use  in  foodstuff  medicine  cold-chain  transportation  and other industries in accordance with HACCP system certification. It could also be used in laboratories which needs temperature and humidity monitoring. 
• Features:
- Monitor and record temperature and humidity data. 
- Temperature and humidity out of range alert. 
- Temperature and humidity alarm alert by SMS message. 
- During a power failure it remains working for at least 6 hours (not connected to GPRS). 
- Two alarm output: the buzzer and relay alarm function. 
- Temperature recording cycle adjustable. 
- 2000 points recording capacity. website service is not limited by the storage  array. 
- Upload data with GPRS wirelessly. 
- With RCW-400 cloud service software real-time remote monitoring upload print and manage data logger.   
• Parameter
- Power Supply: 12V AC / DC ~ 24V AC / DC
- It Could Connect With 100 ~ 264VAC 50/60HZ By External Power Adaptor
- Temperature Measuring Range: -50.0°C~99.0°C
- Temperature Accuracy:
   ± 0.5 °C For (-30 °C ~+20°C);
   ± 1 °C For ;-30°C~-40°C20°C~70°C;
   ± 2 °C For Others;(If Sensor Wire Is Longer Than 50 M Accuracy Deviation 1%);
- Temperature Sensor Type: NTC 5M
- Display Resolution: 0.1
- Applicable Environment: Temperature -20 °C ~ 50 °C; Humidity 0% ~ 95%
- Alarming Output:Buzzer And Alarm Relay
- Standby Battery:3.7V 2200mAH Lithium Battery
• Wiring Terminal
- Relay Output: 1 2 N.C. 2 3 N.O. 10A/250VAC
- Power Input: 4 (Positive) 5 (Negative) 12V AC / DC ~ 24V AC / DC
- When A Switch Power Adapter Is Used It Could Connect To A Round Socket.
- Temperature Sensor1 Input:1617
- Temperature 2 Input:1415
RC-40 (Stop production)
Multiple times use type

Provide cloud server
with SMS alert
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