Temperature data logger
Temeperature controller
Wireless temperature monitor
RC-4 Recycle Temperature Data Logger
RC-4 data logger is multi-use type. It mainly used for temperature recording during storage and transportation of foodstuff medicine chemicals and other products which are temperature sensitive specially widely used in the ocean/air/highway transportation.
Convenient data connection and data save: connect to PC via USB cable and the data could be saved in the form of curved graph Excel or Word.
• With one channel external temperature sensor
• 40~85C(-40~185F) default (1.0 accuracy)
• Temperature unit: C or F switching display
• One channel temperature record
• Record interval: 10sec~24hour free to set
• Record capacity: Max 16000 point
• With upper/lower temp. limit alarm function
• IP65 protection case
• With LCD display for data check
• With USB port for data transmitter
• Automatic download the data after connect to PC
Only Temperature record

Temperature / Humidity record
  • RC-4 Introduction
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  • RC-4 User Manual ver_1.1
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  • RC-4 PC connect software
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