Temperature data logger
Temeperature controller
Wireless temperature monitor
HE-17 series waterproof logger
HE17 Series recorders through a special waterproof treatment the device can continuously work for more than 12 months at a temperature of -30C ~ 80C contains a different model of measurement accuracy the user can choose according to need. 
HE17 adopts friendly USB interface friendly mounting bracket and the screws. HE17 can show temperature and humidity simultaneously as well as the battery indication. The OK key can help to check the Max/Min/Current value and the upper and lower limits. Especially designed for refrigerator and cold-chain transportation as well as container transport applications. 
• Waterproof and dustproof standard IP67 resisting moisture dew-point temperature and dust.
• Temperature and humidity limit can be set. LED lights when the setting value being exceeded.
• Ultra-lower consumption design 1/2AA 3.6V Li battery working for 12 months and easy to install your battery.
• Recording interval be set from 2sec-24hours.
• Measurement temperature range: -30~85C
• Resolution: ± 0.1C / ± 0.1%RH
• Record capacitry: 43000 lists (10 minutes a record can store 300 days data.)
• Transfer logging data to PC through software and can be saved as different types to ensure the
• Adopt high sensitive sensor enjoy fast response and high accuracy.
• Communication Interface: standard USB interface.
• Consists of a fixed bracket easy fixed on a wall or on top of the car cold chain transport apply.
Temperature record
Accuracny 1.0C

Temperature record
Accuracny 0.5C

Temperature record
Accuracny 0.3C

Temperature & Humidity record
Accuracny 0.5C / 3%RH

Temperature & Humidity record
Accuracny 0.3C / 2%RH

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