Temperature data logger
Temeperature controller
Wireless temperature monitor
S500 series Temperature / Humidity recorder
S500 series temperature/humidity data logger is designed by Blue Jay Company which has large LCD display screen and elegant appearance up to 0.2C accuracy.
A variety of probe types selectable suit for different working condition optinal GSM alarm message function. Users can call the SMS card number via cell phone to get the temperature / humidity values In addition the data logger will send alarm messages to authorized users automatically if temperature/humidity exceeds setting limits
• Temperature / humidity resolution 0.1C
• Power supply: 9V battery
• Typical battery life: 3 months
• Logging interval: 2s ~ 24h
• Free selectable °C or °F
• Standard USB port optional RS232 / RS485 / RJ45 communication port 
• Max 43000 log readings
• External probe wiring 3 meters
• Provide configuration and graphing software
• LCD display area: 66mm * 42mm
• Dimensions: 135mm * 128mm * 35mm
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