Temperature data logger
Temeperature controller
Wireless temperature monitor
- Complete package with MRS sensor and MRR receiver
- Standard RJ45 port
- Ethernet transmit data to remote IP
- Accuracy class 0.2
- Temperature and humidity detect in one probe
- With 1.5m probe cable
- Accuracy class 0.5
- Aluminum housing
- 2dbm atannea for 50meter distance
- RS232/RS485 port connection
- RS232 can directly connect to other device
- Extended data transmission distances
- RS232 port for configuration
- Contains MRR receiver
- Suitable for power system fire alarm
- 1000mAh battery
- Easy to distinguish colored shell
- Work with W-2000 suitable for power system
- GSM network
- Without wiring in install
- Send data to 6 IP