Temperature data logger
Temeperature controller
Wireless temperature monitor
MRS-T Wireless temperature sensor
MRS work with MRR to build 433Mhz wireless network. It designed as flexible networking equipment user can easy build wireless monitor network multi-channel auto frequency-hopping technology to avoid interference from other wireless devices especially suit for variety of commercial and industrial environments such as warehousing cold chain transport medicine retail etc.
MRS sensor is used for temperature detection of multiple environments . Digital sensors inside do not need calibration and later maintenance. Wireless solutions from on-site installation without wiring it can greatly reduce the cost and easy to maintain.
• Launch power adjustable: 1dbm~20dbm (1mW~50mW)
• Power supply: 3.6VIndustrial battery
• Measurement range:-20- +120 Celsius Degree
• Accuracy: ±0.5 Celsius Degree
• Built-in 2dbi spiral antenna
• Working frequency: ISM: 434MHz
• Anti-tampering:64 channel frequency hopping
• Dimension: 80mm×25mm×25mm
Temperature range: -10~80C
Accuracy: 0.5C
Probe inside type

Temperature range: -20~120C
Accuracy: 0.5C
Probe outside type with 1.5m extension cable

Temperature range: -20~120C
Accuracy: 0.5C
Sensor outside type with 4 core air plugs easy for replace probe
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