Temperature data logger
Temeperature controller
Wireless temperature monitor
MRR-E Data Receiver-Ethernet port
MICO-RACE data receiver MRR-E provide TCP/IP port allow user free to connect to local PC or WEB server via Ethernet that user can view all the data transimitted from MRS remote sensor. Use 12VDC power supply accept customerized design order
• Maximum management 100 nodes MRS sensor
• Operating frequency: Standard 434MHz 240~930MHz option
• Anti-tampering: 64 channel frequency hopping
• Power supply: 10~40VDC
• Dimension: 82mm×60mm×27mm
• Communication distance:
400M (7dbm5mw)
1300M (13dbm20mw)
2000M (16dbm40mw)
Standard Ethernet connection

Additional DHCP function accept web access configuration
  • COM port Simulation Software
  • RAR
  • 22588KB
  • 12-04-2015
  • MRR-E Ethernet config software ver_4.2.2
  • RAR
  • 297KB
  • 12-04-2015
  • MRR-E Ethernet config software ver_5.1.0
  • RAR
  • 415KB
  • 12-04-2015
  • MRR-ED Ethernet config software ver_2.1.2
  • RAR
  • 460KB
  • 12-04-2015