Product FAQs
How I can use MRCO-RACE wireless monitor system
MICO-RACE is Blue Jay Electronic invested five years to develop the low-power consumption networking wireless temperature monitoring system.

With 3.6V industry used battery (3000mAh, replaceable), each monitor node can work max 6 year (depends on the transmit interval and using environment).

After client order our MICO-RACE, depends on the receiver type MRR-E or MRR-R, our technical support team will send you the defaulting test software.

There have two version software demos

1. Sensor manager_1.0.rar

Sensor manager-1.0, with raw data monitor screen, suit for engineer test. Can work with MRR-E and MRR-R, do not need special configuration, only local PC connect.

To know how to use the sw_1.0, please follow this link.

2. Sensor manager_3.0.rar

Sensor manager-3.0, this version software has server process, Server + Client framework design. User can run the server process in any host PC in network, the client terminal sensor manager can access the server terminal to download data and control the MRS sensor in other PC.

If client purchase MRR-R and want use this version software, you can purchase USER-232-300 converter to add the Ethernet connection port.

And only this version software can work with MRS-WST (temperature & humidity integrate sensor).

To know how to use the sw_3.0, please follow this link.

You can free to download the software on the site, but this sotware do not have default monitor task, you can contact Blue Jay technical support for more help