Wireless IOT services that make industry and other project more productive at the lowest cost. This requires the project site to be instrumented in various ways depending on the focus of the efficiency gains. Whilst a lot of sensor do have a certain amount of automation these are often closed systems operating wired bus line, when install these sensors or link already equipment had to investment extra cost and manpower, even need to against wired more cable on site. The downtime and safety hazards are the pain points that owners can't bear.


MICO-RACE based on radio frequency technology, with low-power consumption temperature and humidity storage solution. In 2017 Blue Jay published the wireless expanding system, compatible standard RS485 port, can make already RS485 device upgrade to wireless bus line. Image that when you need set a new probe to monitor site Carbon dioxide concentration, do not need extra cable from PLC to probe, just need find a suitable position, powered your new probe, connect it to MRS-RS, then remote MRR receiver can linked new probe under an invisible on site bus line.


MRR on-site receive play a role of wireless gateway, can freely configure the transmission path of the wireless node under the jurisdiction, has strong error correction capability and system stability, optional Ethernet link directly accesses the web server or RS485 structure links to other on site devices

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