battery monitor

Battery is in the state of charge and discharge, large amount of sunshine in the summer, not only supplies the power to the load, but also charge for battery. Less amount of sunshine in the winter, will release the stored energy gradual.

In the daytime, the solar panel will charge for battery and supply the power to load at the same time. In the night, the power all supply from battery. Blue Jay MTX105P can do some important things measure DC power usage throughout the day and at any time, tell you how many much consumption you use, how many power saving by the solar system.

In the house using, there have an inverter, because the direct output of solar system is 12VDC, 24VDC, 48VDC, in order to supply the 220VAC electric equipment. Need to transmit the DC power to the AC power.

Although simple panel meter can display the output current and voltage. But in fact the customer doesn't know clearly how many power they use. The MTX105P connect in DC power system, can measure the exact voltage, working ampere, load working power, record battery discharging hour etc.. So that you can know the real power stored in your battery per day, that can provide the guide for adjust your energy usage or improve your solar power system.