MTX-105 stopped production

Thanks for all the customer that purchase our MTX-105 multifuntion battery monitor, because of the product upgrades, we decide suspend this product sales.

We will improve the calculation methods of SOC(state of charge), program will provide humane setting.

The schdule of the pluse product online is in the end of March.

If you want get more info of MTX-105 or other battery monitor device, please contact our sales team mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Jordan plans to develop a 50MW solar power project in 2019

According to the Renewable Energy Network, Silicon Valley renewable energy developer RAIEnergy International Inc. said that the Jordanian Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (MEMR) plans to develop a 50 MW solar power project in Jordan.


Jordan Solar Two is expected to be operational by 2020 through a 20-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Jordanian National Power Company (NEPCO). Photovoltaic power plants will generate enough energy to meet the electricity needs of some 40,000 Jordanian households and reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 75.2 tons per year.

Photovoltaic power generation is a widely used method of electric power production. It is the most valuable new energy source in the 21st century due to its advantages of no pollution, no noise, no geographical restrictions, and safety and reliability.


In January this year, news from the National Energy Administration said that from January to November 2017, China's photovoltaic power generation reached 106.9 billion kWh, a year-on-year increase of 72%, and the annual photovoltaic power generation exceeded 100 billion kWh. In this context, photovoltaic energy measurement is particularly important. 

The DCEM introduced by the Blue Jay is a device for measuring the 4-channel DC parameters. It is a high-performance automatic meter suitable for UPS system detect Solar energy plant monitor industrial and mining enterprises civil construction building automation etc. It can visually display voltage current power data and energy cumulative data.


At the same time, we also provide Hall CT,it is used to detect DC, AC。

In addition, we also sell the PV tanks to special temperature and humidity controllers.The controller can measure the oil temperature of the transformer and the temperature and humidity inside the box. The digital tube displays the temperature and humidity value. When the oil temperature is too high, it can automatically start the over temperature alarm and trip; when the ambient temperature is too high, it can automatically Start the fan; when the ambient humidity is close to condensation, it can automatically start the heater for dehumidification.


A new 220kV substation in western China was launched

September 22, led by the Sichuan provincial government, the State Grid Sichuan Electric Power Company, Sichuan to invest in the Group, Yibin City State-owned enterprises Yibin power grid enterprises to reorganize the establishment of "Sichuan Yibin Electric Power Co., Ltd.".

Sichuan Province to speed up the 220-kilovolt transformer substation and other projects, and strive to be completed by the end of June next year put into operation. Promote the substantive operation of Yibin Electric Power, to speed up the implementation of Yibin power grid integration. Fill the rural areas, especially the poor village power grid short board, the implementation of the company with the same network price, optimize the power grid construction to meet the four major urban agglomerations, the five major economic zones electricity demand, enhance power supply security capabilities.

Yibin 220 kilovolt substation will provide more complete power protection for the surrounding five districts; and meet railway 220 kV dual power supply to ensure the smooth operation of the railway.

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Chenggui railway core power supply project - 220 kV Xingwen substation project

Chenggui Railway is an important part of the backbone railway network in the western region. 220 kV Xingwen substation is the core supporting power supply project of railway, and its equipment and technology meet the first-class level of State Grid Corporation. Supporting power supply project in Yibin territory contains 220 kV four traction station power supply project, and provide power support 220 kV power transmission project.

The project will build a total of 220 kV substation, the transformer capacity of 720,000 KVA; the construction of 220 kV line 14 channels, with a total length of 427 km, a total investment of RMB786 million. Yibin 220 kV substation covers an area of 18.12 acres, the project final capacity of 3 × 18 million KVA, 220 kV outlet 8 back, 110 kV outlet 10 channels. Current capacity of 360,000 volts, a total investment of RMB87.68 million. Plans to start in September this year, put into operation in June 2018.