OEM/Integrator Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Blue Jay OEM/Integrator. Please take a moment and read the information below to determine if partnering with Blue Jay is right for you.

Blue Jay Solutions for OEM/Integrators

As a Electricity panel product manufacturer, you've got your own products developed (or in development) and are looking for ways to increase revenue or enhance your product’s value proposition.


We Have What You Need

Whether you are interested in Blue Jay's hardware offering:


Electrical automatic meter

192 / 193 / 194 series

Temperature automatic products

S series temperature controller

LD series

MICO-RACE wireless temperature monitor

All above are flexible enough to provide you with the right solution.

Don't build it all yourself. Do what you do best, and private label of the device and/or monitoring software from us. Blue Jay makes it easy and cost effective to private label product.



Implementing Blue Jay's device and services gets you:

Have a first-class product quality but less cost
Decreased time to market and quick implementation
Flexible customized production, rapid response of your requirement
Less divergence from your core competencies (focus)
Expert, direct support from Blue Jay engineering


What's Next?

To join Blue Jay as an OEM/Integrator, please download and filled OEM customer list, then send to Mailbox: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the field list, please provide a company profile including the following details:

1. Description of company's primary business and market focus

2. Geographic market that your company primarily serves (states, provinces, territories, regions, countries)

3. How you traditionally sell your products

Please also provide us with a brief outline of how you plan to go to market with our products