Self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor made of the advanced metalized film is produced strictly in accordance IEC. The device is suitable for low voltage power network to improve power factor reduce reactive loss and better the voltage quality.



• Standard reference: GB12747-2004 IEC60831-96 UL810-95
• Using Condition: Temperature -25℃/+50℃
• Over-voltage Permitted: 1.0Un 1.1Un 8h/d 1.3Un 1min
• Over-Current Permitted: 1.3ln
• Impact Current: ≤300ln
• Allowable offset on Reactive-load Power: -5~+10%
• Loss Angle Tangent(Power Frequency Rated Voltage): ≤0.0015
• Dielectric Loss: ≤0.25W/kvar
• Testing Voltage: Between Poles 2.15Un / 10S
Between housing 3000VAC / 60S

- High Reliability the product can endure electric surge strike more than 300ln.
- High Securitythe products have excellently self-healing aluminum case never rust safety and reliability. Cover can stripped from the pole of capacitor when it break and explosion-proof construction increases safety of product.
- Built-out discharge resister can assure residue voltage in terminals lower down under 50V in 3 minutes after the capacitor disconnect from circuit assure capacitor release from transmission-line system of electric power.
- Small volume and light weight only under 2/3 of the square type. It can be easy to install.