BSMJ Self-healing type low voltage shunt capacitor made of the advanced metallized film is produced strictly in accordance with the National Standard and IEC Standard by the introduced advanced foreign techniques and equipments.

The device is mainly suitable for low voltage power netwo rk to improve power factor reduce reactive loss and better the voltage quality.



• Sevice conditions: ambient temperature -25 ~+50 humidity 85% RH and altitude lower than 2000m.
• Rated voltage: 250VAC 400VAC 525VAC 690VAC 750VAC 1050VAC.
• Rated output: 1~100kvar.
• Capacitance tolerance: -5~+10%
• Tangent of the loss angel: With the power frequency rated voltagetg 0.1% at 20 .
• Withstand voltage: Between te rminals 2.15 times rated voltage for 10 sec between terminals and container 3kVAC for 10sec.
• Max permissible over-voltage: 110% rated voltage.
• Max permissible over-current: 130% rated current.
• Self sustained discharge ability: Give 2Un DC voltage to capacitor the residual voltage reduced to 75V or lower within 3 minutes after power off.
• Applicable standard: GB 12747-2004 / IEC60831-1996.

- Compacted and light:
Its volume and weight are only 1 / 4 and 1 / 5 of the oil type capacitor because of the using of a new dielectric metallized poly prop ylene film.

- Low loss:
Loss of the capacitor it self is extremely low (less than 0.10%) the heat emissions also lower than old type so its service life is very long a nd it can save energy at the same time.

- Excellent self-healing ability:
Damage of part of the dielectric caused by over-voltage can be self-healed quickly and return to normal state.

- Safety:
Inside equipped self-discharge resistor and safety equipment. The self-discharge resistor can automatically discharge the electric energy the capacitor after disconnect from circuit. If there is anything fault with the capacitor the safety equipment will cut off power in time thus prevent further troubles from happening.

- No oil leakage:
The capacitor uses advanced semi-soild impregnant which drip melting point it above 70C. There will be no loss of oil during the course of using it.