CJ19 series changeover capacitor contactor is mainly applicable to a power line of AC 50Hz or 60Hz rated working voltage up to 660V. It is used to put a low voltage parallel connected capacitor in operation or switch it off in a low voltage reactive power compensation device.

The contactor is equipped with a surge suppressor which can effectively reduce the surge current passing through the capacitor at switching on and suppress the over-voltage at switching off. It is in conformity with the standards IEC947-4-1.



• Rated current: 32~95A
• Working voltage US5hz V: 220380vac
• Rated curent for short-circuit protected fuse: 1.5~2.5In
• Rated insulation voltage Ui 50Hz V: 500vac 660vac
• Conventional heating current of auxiliary contacts A:10A
• Mechnical life ten thousand times: 100Weight kg: About 0.57~ 0.6kg