CP-C moving coil panel meter with sprung toe bearing which is insensitive to external magnetic fields. The movable organs of the movements are stored in sprung jewels in order to protect them against crushes and vibrations. These instruments only measure DC current or DC voltage. By using core magnets of high quality the moving coil instruments have a almost linear scale course. Due to their low consumption they are especially suited for the application with shunts, impulse transmitters, thermo couples and for the connection to our electronic transducers. The instruments can be delivered for direct connection up to 100 A with a built-in shunt.
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CP-C_V DC voltage meter

CP-C_A DC current meter

CP-C_V-G DC voltage meter, 250 degree scale

CP-C_A-G DC current meter, 250 degree scale

CP-2C_A  Double display DC current meter

CP-2C_V  Double display DC voltage meter

KLY-C96  Four display DC panel meter (voltage or current)