Economy Type digital power meter meter is a precise device of measuring active power of the energy consumption system in real time can replaces an analogical panel meter users can get clear information of which part needs to improve effective management and control of energy.

With keyboard can switching measurement range and protection of the parameters of programming by password. Ideal for reducing installation manpower and optimizing the used one of spaces in the panel.



• Accuracy class 0.5
• Display 1/3 lines 4 digits and 1 decimal 0~9999
• Standard Input Current: 1A/ 5A(with CT); Voltage: 100V (with PT) / 450V
• Overloading capability Continuous: 1.2 times
• Instantaneous: Current 10 times(5s) voltage 2 times(1s)
• Frequency: 50Hz±10%
• Power Supply: AC/DC 85~265V; AC 220V± 10%
• Power Consumption≤4VA
• Dielectric strength 2KV (Test voltage : AC RMS)
• Insulating property ≥100MΩ
• MTBF ≥30000h
• Operation condition:

Temperature: -10°C ~ 50°C
Relative humidity: ≤95%RH
free of corrosive gas
Altitude ≤2500m
Operating temperatur -10~55°C
Storage temperature -20~70°C
Safety Input and power supply>2kV
Input and output >2kV
Power supply and output>1.5kV



BJ-192P-9X4  Three phase active power meter
BJ-192Q-9X4  Three phase reactive power meter