The following lised insulation sensor all use epoxy vacuum pouring technology for one-time molding production. The bushing contact box insulating cylinder etc. insulating parts use AGP technology for molding. also use SMC DMC Unsaturated polyester enlargement mode plastic for compacting molding.

All the product are applied to 3.6~40.5KV MV/HV switchgear Blue Jay accept customerized order for some specification size



- Power frequency withstand voltage: 65kV/1min
- Partial discharge: 26.4kV<10pC
- Lighting impulse voltage: 125kV
- Vitrification point: 105

Technical execution

GB311.1-1997 < Insulation coordination of high volt electric transmission and transformation equipment >
GB/T7354-2003 < Partial discharge measuring >
DL/538-1993 < Technical requirement of high voltage charged display device >
DL/T539-1993 < Humidity and feculence testing technical condition of indoor AC high volt switch board and component >
JB/T10305-2001 < Technical requirement of 3.6KV~40.5KV high volt equipment indoor organic material post insulator >
GB/T16927.1-1997 < High volt testing technical >
GB/T11022-1999 < Common technical requirement of high-volt switching equipment and control equipment >

Ordering please provide following info

1. Product models installation embed-unit dimension threaded hole size and product height;
2. Size of installation hole and bus-bar block hole when ordering wall busying;
3. Rated current.





Notes: Above dimension table just for reference only customer can free to choose single hole/ dual hole/ four hole mounting type or can contact Blue Jay sales team for special requirement.