HVD high voltage indicator is adapted for indoor electrical panel, used in MV / HV switchgear. It is connected via internal wiring to capacitive sensors inside the switchgear. Rated voltage 3~40.5kv, operation frequency 50Hz network to display the electrifying situation of the high voltage loop where the device is mounted.

This integrated voltage detecting system is used for continuous operation. The condition “voltage present” is displayed by three LED indicator.



• Three phases controlled separately.
• Complete safety protection with built in voltage limiting device.
• Allow to check the operating switchgear with the function tester.
• Screened coaxial cables as connecting leads.
• For indoor electric devices with rated voltage: >1 kV
• Signal situations:

Threshold voltage: 4~5 V
Uo<10% Un, no voltage signalling (alternative)
Uo>15% Un, voltage signalling
Uo>45% Un, normal voltage signalling

• Connecting lead: 1~12 m
• Ambient temperature range: -25~+55°C
• Safe voltage for interface:< 30 V
• Protective system: IP42 (IP54)
• Dimensions (WxHxD):96 x 48 x 110 mm, cut dimensions on panel: 91 x 44 mm
• Adapted sensors:
Capacitive insulators with 10pF (40.5kV), 15pF (24kV), 20pF (12kV), 40pF(7.2kV), etc.

Notes: Capacitive insulators or bushings with capacitive tap with equivalent coupling capacity and voltage level as mentioned above,Customized for individual solutions.