USR-TCP232-410 is a dual serial server which supports RS232 & RS485 working at the same time. It adopts Cortex-M4 solution and its basic frequency is up to 120MHz. And the internal of the serial server integrates TCP/IP protocol stack.





• New Cortex-M4 kernel industrial working temperature range(-40~85℃) elaborate optimization TCPIP protocol stack stable and reliable.
• Auto-MIDX function discretionarily connect cross-over or direct network cable automatic switching.
• Support TCP Server TCP Client UDP UDP Server HTTPD Clientwebsocket various of ethernet protocols.
• Support virtual serial port provide corresponding software.
• Serial port highest baud rate from 600bps to 1024000bps(COM0 only max 256000bps).
• Wide voltage input more applications.
• Support DHCP automatically access IP can inquire the facility within network through the UDP broadcast protocol(using software USR-TCP232-E45 Setup.
• Supply the protocol for VIP customers.
• Provide PC TCP/IP SOCKET programming example VB C++ Delphi Android IOS.
• A built-in web page also parameter setting via web can customize web pages for users.
• Can also set via UDP broadcast provide the set up protocol.
• Reload button a key restore default Settings.
• RJ45 status indicator light RJ45 interface built-in isolation transformer 2 KV isolation.
• The global unique MAC address bought from IEEE the user can define MAC address (please state when you make order).
• Support upgrade firmware via network.
• Support visit IP and domain name at the same time.
• Support up to 8 link from client when act as TCP Server same data will be send to all client.
• Can modify http server port from default port 80 for module built-in http server.