Blue Jay company developed using semiconductor technology, in a certain place to lead controlled condensation, make the cabinet interior humidity fall to safe value. It designed ultra-small install size, high efficiency energy-saving, do not need extra heater and fan wiring. And comes with the data acquisition module for remote monitoring, It‘s an efficient and reliable device to replace the old thermostat and heater / fan combination.



• 170*100*72mm small size, easy for cabinet inside installation
• Condensate water will be drained directly to the outside of the cabinet by the aqueduct
• Real-time sampling temperature and humidity, support automatically working mode, do not extra sensor and probe
• Build in memory to record settings, can keep original working mode after power recover
• Shell and internal components are well isolation design, can work in high humidity and strong electromagnetic field
• Optional passive output node
• Optional RS485 port
• Optional external heater


Ordering info

HD7000: plastic shell 

HD8000: Stainless steel housing, support heater and alarm digital output