RC-18/19 temperature data logger is mainly used for monitoring and logging temperature in storage and shipment of foods and pharmaceuticals, such as cooler boxes, refrigerated trucks, containers, etc.

It can connect to a computer via its USB port and export a PDF report. It features an internal sensor and a CR2450 lithium battery with whole protection grade up to IP67. With a bar code for in-stock scanning.



• Temperature unit: C or F optional
• Temperature measuring range: -30C~ 70C
• Accuracy: ±0.5C(-20C~ 40C); Others +1C;
• Record cycle: 6, 15, 30, 60, 90,120,180days customized;
• Record capacity: 16000 points(MAX);
• Alarm type: single or cumulative (RC-18 support 1 upper limit 1 lower limit; RC-19 support 3 upper limit 2 lower limit)
• Data interface: USB2.0;
• Battery life: 2 years.
• Automatically generates PDF report

Operation and use:

1. Press the button for more than 4 seconds to start recording, green LED lights will flash in turn for 5 times, which indicates a successful starting

2. Tear off the barcode label for further use

3. Press the button for more than 4 seconds to stop record (if record capacity is full will automatically stop), then the red LED lights will flash 5 times, which indicates a successful stopping. Tear off the transparent plastic bag then it will shown USB interface.

4. Insert the logger into a computer's USB port to view the PDF report


Only can set 1 alarm upper and lower limits

Support 3 different alarm upper and lower limits