RC-61 is widely used in global medical market. It's in complete conformity with GSP standard of new edition with brand new appearance,large LED screen with clear view,singe button operation,easy for use.Besides, its over limit sound-light alarm ensures product safety and users are easy to find over-temperature status. And it imported sensor of temperature and humidity integrated type,more accurate and stable.



• Storage capacity:16000 points for temperature/humidity;
• Temperature measuring range and accuracy: with certificate of inspection,in conformity with GSP standard;
• With battery display; battery life is more than one year in typical running status without buzzer alarm:
• Control mode: one button operation; buttons with start /stop function; shortly press buttons to show max/min parameters alternately;
• Alarm types: over-temperature indicator flash alarm,buzzer alarm,display screen alarm icon flashing,over-temperature record interval shortened (in conformity with GSP standard);
• With data management software,disk optional;
• Communication interface:cellphone USB connected to computer via cellphone data cable; external temperature/humidity probe connected via headphone lack;
• Display type: large screen display,fixed by magnet or velcro.


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