RCW-400A is a four way temperature/humidity data logger with a wide temperature range and high precision.Segment LCD screen can display the system clock,current running status,record capacity and record data.It has functions of buzzer and relay alarm.It can transmit data wirelessly by 3G to our cold chain cloud platform,and users can check real-time temperature/humidity data through internet terminals and receive SMS (short message service) alarms by GSM. Users can view,manage and monitor data online remotely by browser or smart phone APP.

The standard accessories include one temperature sensor and one humidity sensor,which can be doubled into two temperature sensors and two humidity sensors. Coldwatch has a built-in rechargeable lithium battery which enables continuous real-time data uploading and SMS alarms even in case of power outage.



•Moniter running status of cold storage
•Over temperature/humidity SMS alarm function
•Keep working for at least 6 hours after power off
•Two alarm output:buzzer alarm and relay alarm
•Monitor and record temperature and humidity data
•Record cycle could be flexibly adjusted
•The device record capacity is 20000 points,with no data storage restriction in server.
•The device can communicate with our cloud plateform,which allows real-time remote monitoring,uploading,printing and managing record data.


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