Mechatronics Technology Application

07 Sep 2021264

Mechatronics is the information processing of mechanical equipment with the help of electronic information technology. Through the combination of software and hardware equipment, the functional control of mechanical devices is realized. Because of its superior low energy consumption, multi-function and high reliability characteristics, it has been highly recognized in the development and application of concrete mixing plants.

1. Common problems of motor control and protection in the application of mechatronics technology


The control and protection hardware of the motor does not meet the requirements.

The current protection devices for motors in mechatronics are all based on electromagnetic and electro thermal theories. At the same time, in the protection device, there are hardware facilities such as fuses and electromagnetic relays. Judging from the actual effect of the current mechatronics application of the protection device, the scientific protection of the motor can be realized in a short time. However, from a long-term development point of view, its comprehensive protection device is still not perfect.


Common problems in the application of work and underground electromechanical equipment.

Although the mechatronics technology specifically used for downhole operations has not yet been fully promoted and applied. However, considering the particularity of underground construction and the frequent occurrence of accidents, it is necessary to consider the application of underground electromechanical equipment as the main research direction, and reasonably protect and control the motor to effectively improve the safety and efficiency of underground operations. For this reason, it is necessary to strengthen the research on the control and protection of the motor, and provide reliable mechatronics technology for underground operations.


The related devices used for the control and protection of motors have not been in compliance with the new technical requirements.

In the face of constantly updated mechatronics technology and advanced applications, its protection device has no ideal protection effect. At the same time, the motor control and protection in the modern mode are mainly based on the two principles of electric heating and electromagnetic. The overload protection and short circuit functions of thermal relays and fuses are used to achieve protection. However, the component itself has defects, which leads to electromechanical control and protection. There are many problems in the link.

2. Strengthen the relevant path of motor control and protection in mechatronics

Reasonably control the voltage and current of the motor.

The main core of mechatronics in the work is the motor. Similarly, when the electromechanical system is not operating smoothly or is malfunctioning, there will be corresponding manifestations in terms of current or voltage. Therefore, for the control and protection of the motor during operation, faults can be eliminated through timely measurement and observation of current and voltage.


Strengthen the regular inspection of equipment in the operation of mechatronics.

Mechatronics is the combination of information system and hardware equipment. Therefore, in the operation and management of mechatronics, it is necessary to conduct regular and comprehensive inspections of the motors according to the design situation. In addition, in the regular inspections of the motors, it is also necessary to pay attention to the service life of each type of motor, which generally ranges from 40,000 to 100,000 hours. When the overall use time of the motor exceeds the service time of the equipment, the equipment must be eliminated in time to ensure the long-term stability and continuity of the entire mechanical equipment operation.


3. Future technology prospects of motor control and protection


TDB automatic capacitor bank can reducing harmful system harmonics and therefore fewer occurrences of power quality-related equipment problems.Ability to free up spare capacity on the transformer and main switchboard, thereby providing additional capacity for future load growth without the need to upgrade infrastructure


Judging from the current application of mechatronics technology, for the protection of electric motors, the future will mainly focus on fault model creation and accurate simulation calculations. In the future development of mechatronics, the effective implementation of motor protection and control can be realized through continuous accumulation and innovation of the cycle mode, which can predict sudden failures and make alarm processing to achieve effective motor protection.