The application and analysis of electrical fire monitoring system

22 Oct 2021243

I. Introduction:

With the continuous development of the construction industry, many large public buildings are becoming more and more in urban construction. Due to the rapid development of the city, there are many cases of cable aging and irregular construction.

2. Brief introduction of electrical fire monitoring system

The electrical fire monitoring system mainly uses computer information technology to monitor electrical fires in a certain range of environments. It is mainly composed of monitoring equipment and detectors, which can detect the occurrence of electrical fires in advance, and make timely alarms to facilitate technical personnel to detect hidden dangers. The discharge pretreatment. In addition, the electrical fire monitoring equipment transmits information to the system control equipment through the detector, which can show the specific fault location and fire situation. The modern electrical fire monitoring system realizes this requirement and can avoid losses.

3. Application of electrical fire monitoring system

3.1 Application of residual current electrical fire monitoring system

Residual current electrical fire monitoring system is a kind of fire control system that is widely used, but false alarms or missing reports often occur during use, mainly due to wiring errors in the power distribution system or problems with device installation. This phenomenon can be solved by manual investigation or re-wiring. The residual current of the power distribution system gradually changes during operation, which may have a certain impact on the set alarm value, and false alarms or missing alarms occur during the operation of the electrical fire monitoring system.

3.2 Application of temperature measuring electrical fire monitoring detector

During the operation of electrical equipment, poor contact of the structural parts of the monitoring power distribution system or the overall line or large load causes overheating, which affects the surrounding combustibles and forms an electrical fire accident. The temperature measurement type electrical fire monitoring detector is mainly to solve this problem. According to the advantages of the sensor, it can be divided into contact type and non-contact type. According to the object to be detected, the detection method suitable for the current part can be selected, which can improve the fire warning. Effect. 3.3 Application of fault arc type electrical fire monitoring detector

During the installation of electrical equipment, the equipment is directly connected to the end of the distribution line. This is the main part of electrical fires. In this environment, due to the excessive resistance of the contact, it is easy to cause the internal temperature to rise. High, when a certain limit state is reached, it will cause a fire. Therefore, we must pay attention to the protection measures at the end of the power distribution line, promote the use of arc fault electrical fire monitoring detectors, and timely understand the situation and make an alarm in the event of arc power generation in the line or internal equipment.

3.4 Current-limiting electrical fire protector

In the release of electrical fire accidents, it is usually an electrical fire accident caused by temperature rise or arc discharge. Usually, detectors can be used to alarm, and preventive work can be done in time to better avoid fire accidents. The current-limiting electrical fire protector is mainly based on the short-circuit of the line, it makes a timely judgment in a short time, quickly releases the short-circuit power, cuts off the line, and effectively avoids the occurrence of fire accidents. Combining this situation, in the process of using current-limiting electrical fire protector equipment, it should be placed at the entrance and exit of the terminal switchboard.

3.5 Application of non-arc switchgear

What we call non-arc switchgear is mainly due to the fact that during the operation of starting and closing, no arc will be generated like the traditional switchgear, which also largely avoids the occurrence of fire. In actual use, this device is mainly used in dangerous environments. In the case of increasingly serious electrical fires, it is feasible to propose preventive measures against electrical fires, innovate electrical fire prevention and control products, and develop electrical fire prevention and control devices suitable for different places according to specific environmental requirements.