Photovoltaic + animal husbandry brings huge benefits

26 Jul 202218

It was noon, on a farm in Dak Lak Province, Vietnam, the sound of pigs sleeping under the shed came one after another, and the photovoltaic panels on the roof were continuously converting sunlight into clean energy. Photovoltaic power generation on the top, pig raising in the house, power generation and pig raising are both correct, and the double benefits help development.

In fact, the combination of photovoltaic power plants and pig sheds is not a temporary idea of ​​farmers. As early as the early stage of farm planning, farmers aimed at the "sweet pastry" of photovoltaic power plants. As a typical agricultural country, Vietnam has developed animal husbandry. In recent years, Vietnam has repeatedly emphasized putting animal husbandry at the forefront of the circular economy. Photovoltaic + animal husbandry can not only maximize economic benefits, but also promote the development of circular economy.


Because pigs have certain requirements for the breeding environment, in addition to ventilation, they should also pay attention to heatstroke prevention in summer. The installation of photovoltaic panels can block the scorching sun and direct sunlight on the roof. The photovoltaic insulation and cooling effect is obvious, providing a comfortable accommodation environment for the growth of pigs. Reduce the occurrence of swine fever disasters; in addition, photovoltaic power plants can bring additional power generation benefits to the farm for up to 25 years.

At present, the installed capacity of the farm's photovoltaic power station is 1MW, and a total of 12 intelligent photovoltaic inverters are used. The maximum efficiency of the inverter can reach 99%; it integrates intelligent I-V curve scanning and grid-side fault recording functions; built-in four-core structure, the corresponding speed of information processing and protection is increased by 2 times, and the speed of software upgrade is increased by 4 times. The power station generates an average of about 4,500KWh per day. Except for the daily self-use of the farm, the rest of the electricity is all connected to the Internet, and an annual income of about 137,000 US dollars can be obtained.


After the photovoltaic power station is completed and connected to the grid, the operation and maintenance has become the focus of the power station's work. The operation and maintenance work is directly related to the operation cycle of the power station, the operation and maintenance cost, the investment value and the final income. Therefore, it is also one of the issues that farmers are most concerned about. In order to reduce customers' worries, the power station is connected to the operation and maintenance cloud platform. The operation and maintenance cloud platform uses the Internet of Things, big data and artificial intelligence technology to carry out all-round centralized monitoring, early warning, diagnosis and analysis of the health status of the power station; online health examination, real-time alarm of faulty power stations, and active warning of abnormal power stations and inverters. Smart inverter + operation and maintenance cloud platform double guarantees to achieve accurate and efficient active operation and maintenance, save operation and maintenance costs, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, and make power station operation and maintenance worry-free.


As a new comprehensive land use method, photovoltaic + animal husbandry is a product of the combination of modern animal husbandry and clean energy. With the gradual promotion of circular ecological economy in Vietnam, photovoltaic + agriculture will be applied in this agricultural country. The power station is only a small step on the road of circular ecological economic development in Vietnam. In the future, it will continue to provide customers with full-scene smart energy solutions and demonstrate the development results of circular ecological economy of 1+1>2.