Partial discharge monitor

PDG-1000 provide continuously monitors of partial discharge (PD) in equipment such as transformers, cables in switchgear and rotating machines etc.

It analyzes RF emissions in the HF, VHF and lower UHF ranges by sensors outside the cabinet. HMI unit provides site display of TEV amplitude, ultrasonic amplitude, DO port can drive local alarms, Multi-level alarm notice site engineer. PDG-1000 also can communicate data and notifications across standard RS485 modbus interface to networked supervisory systems.

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Partial discharge monitor
Partial discharge monitor


• Rugged, compact design sensor detect TEV and audible ultrasonic.
• Non-intrusive and wall-mounted unit design, magnetic adsorption easy installation.
• Panel mount HMI unit provide automatic PD data acquisition and analysis.
• HMI support max 96pcs sensor, optional wireless and wired(RS485) connection.
• Multiple configurable alarms, provide 2*DO NC & NO contact for external alarm trig.
• RS 485 MODBUS-RTU easy integration into existing SCADA systems.