ZJS-102 DC System Insulation Monitoring

ZJS-102 Insulation monitoring system is a highaccurate and secure online monitoringequipment for DC system insulation. It isdesigned for the measurement of differenttypes of ground fault, insulation decreasing,AC signal interruption, DC signal interruptionand so on.

Monitor detect DC leakage current, mixed withbalanced & unbalanced bridge detectionmode, can display leakage current of each subexport loops. It integrates voltage transientcapture and current synchronous detection,records voltage and current fault curves toachieve instantaneous grounding monitoringand line selection alarm functions.

ZJS-102 DC System Insulation Monitoring
ZJS-102 DC System Insulation Monitoring


·Monitoring various faults in the DC system:all types of grounding, abnormal voltage,voltage difference.
·Monitoring AC cross-current faults in DCsystems.
·Monitoring DC system mutual channeling(ring network) faults.
·It can accurately detect the distributedcapacitance of the DC system to the ground.
·Detect the leakage current of all branches.
·With battery pack grounding monitoring andpositioning functions.
·Multi-caliber open and closed CT can meetall usage scenarios.

Battery bank monitoring
Voltage 0~999.99V
Accuracy 0.10%
Current 0~999.99A
Accuracy ±0.5% for Shunt, ±1% for Hall CT
Battery cell monitoring
Cell voltage 0~20.000V
Accuracy 0.1% @ ±30% rated voltage
Cell internal resistance 0~65535uOhm
Accuracy 5%
Cell temperature 0-99.9°C
Accuracy ±0.5°C
Call capacity display 9999.9AH @ 1Sec detect interval
Float charging equalization 10mV
Battery cell qtys 240cells
Cell rated voltage 2V, 4V, 6V, 12V
System info record 1000lists
Alarm info display 240lists
Alarm info record 1000lists
Working voltage AC220V & DC110/220V
Communication interface RS485 / RS232 / Ethernet opional