Residual-current monitor

Blue Jay RCM-IV is a combined monitoring device for earthed power supply systems (TNC-S、TN-S and TT) residual current. It provide max 16 monitor channels, panel mounting design suit for any electrical cabinet. LED screen display various parameters, easy for site engineer diagnosis and Insulation test.

It can optionally be carried out by selected current transformer or temperature sensor for each channel detect parameter and alarm or trip threshold. Multiple RCM-IV can combination with circuit breaker for build MRCD applications, RS485 port can easy submit data to SCADA systems.

Residual-current monitor
Residual-current monitor


• Continuous monitoring of residual currents
• Max 16 measuring channels for residual
current or temperature input
• History memory with date and time stamp for
100 event data records
• Backlit graphical display (7-segment display)
and indicate LEDs
• Two alarm relays, free to set alarm or trip
• Built-in buzzer provide sound notice when
alarm trigged
• Password protection for device setting