19D-301 Three phase energy meter

19D-301 three-phase DIN-rail energy meter is an intelligent device for medium and low voltage systems (6-35KV and 0.4KV). It integrates data collection and control functions, provide LCD display show three-phase AC power measurement and calculation, consumption energy value. In addition, 19D-301 also provide optional function, user can choose multi-tariff record, Maximum Demand record, relay alarm output(1 channel) for different site condition. RS485 port support MODBUS-RTU or DL/T645-2007 protocol (can be customized).

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19D-301 Three phase energy meter
19D-301 Three phase energy meter


-. Maximum 100A current direclty access, CT access valid
-. Accuracy: Class 1.0
-. High light white backlit LCD screen
-. Detect voltage, Current, active/reactive energy, power, frequency
-. Provide energy import and export measurement (IMP & EXP)
-. Optional multi-tariff record, max demand and other important parameters
-. With one port Energy pulse output
-. With 1* DO port for remote control
-. Standard 35mm din rail mounting

Voltage measurement Rated 450V RMS value, Accuracy 0.5%
Can use external PT to expand upto 35KV
Current measurement Rated 10A, Max 100A, Start amp 0.04A, RMS value. Accuracy 0.5%; Overload 30times In in 0.01sec
Optional …/1A or …/5A external CT to expand upto 5000A
Frequency 50/60Hz, Accuracy ±0.01Hz
Display LCD with white backlit
Maximum display value 9999999MkWh
Energy accuracy Class 1.0, IEC 62053-21
Digital port RS-485 MODBUS-RTU
Alarms Outputs 1 channel DO, load capacity 230 VAC  5 A
Pulse port 1600imp/kWh
Working environment -25~55°C Altitude 2500m, 0~95%RH, non-condensing, non-corrosive gas
Storage environment -40~70C
Voltage tolerance 2KV 1min
Shock voltage 6KV-1.2uS waveform
Insulation Input, output, power supply to Shell >5MΩ


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