19D-XN Modular multi-function meter

19D-XN Modular multi-function meter is Blue Jay next generation din-rail meter power meter. Flexible modular design products can expand max 64 channels metering point, pluse 16 point I/O port for on-site control. 

Optional 100mA or 333mV CT connect, provide max 0.5 class metering accuracy. RS485 Modbus-RTU port or Ethernet port or extra IoT module valid for different project.

19D-XN Modular multi-function meter
19D-XN Modular multi-function meter


-. Class 0.2/0.5 basic parameter and class 1 for active energy(optinal 0.5 class)
-. 19D-X core unit provide 1*Three phase or 3* single phase metering
-. 19D-XN expansion module can flexible to build different site monitor system
-. Standard 35mm - 4 module DIN rail mounting
-. Build in 1.7inch LCD screen

Power Supply AC / DC 80-265V, 45-65Hz
Burned < 6VA
Current Measurement  .../ 100mA or .../ 333mV
Burned < 0.1W
Voltage Measurement Direct measurement 30~280V ac (L-N)
Burned < 0.1W
Frequency Measurement 45~65Hz
Accuracy U / I / P / Q - 0.5%
Frequency - 0.1%
Active Energy - 1.0 class
Reactive Energy - 2.0 class
Communication Port RS485 (2/3 wires half duplex)
Modbus RTU mode
Pulse Outputs  1 channel Coupler relay
Alarms Outputs 2 channel DO & 2 channel DI
230 VAC  5 A
BJ-19D-X Core units, can be used as independent metering device
BJ-19D-X-6S Single phase expand module
With 6 channels 1P2W line access
BJ-19D-X-2T Three phase expand module
With 2 channels 3P4W/3P3W line access
BJ-19D-X-3S1T Three phase & single phase mixed expand module
With 1 channels 3P4W/3P3W and 3 channles 1P2W line access
BJ-19D-X-IO Digital input and Digital output expand module
With 7*DI ports and 4*DO ports
BJ-19D-X-E Ethernet TCP/IP communication expand module
1 TCP/IP port, RJ45 10/100M
BJ-19D-X-IoT Wireless communication expand module
ODM module, please contact sales team for more details