S-XX Signal isolator

SI-XX Universal Input Signal Isolator dramatically simplify the wiring works in the field, also save the types and amount of spare parts. Suit for autoamtic control project, implement the fast and flexible response for industry field. Optional single or dual-channels models or loop-powered function, with configuration software can do site calibration and reset output signal.

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S-XX Signal isolator
S-XX Signal isolator


-. Flat transformer galvanic isolate technology
-. Universal Input Signals: 4- 20mA, TC, RTD, Resistor, mV, V
-. TC & RTD sensor fusing alarm
-. Low Temperature Drift, Auto Zero Calibrating
-. 4 ~ 20mA current output
-. Input Signal Types can be configurated by external USB adaptor
-. Loop Power Current Limit < 30mA
-. Input Over current protection, Input current limit 50mA

Power Supply 24VDC±10%
Consumption < 1W
Input Types 4-20mA / 20-4mA;
Output signal types 0(4)-20mA
Response Time < 0.4ms (0-90%,100%-10%)
Precision ±0.1%
Temp. Drift 0.01% per Celsius
Volt fluctuation influence ±0.005% X span / below V DC
Load Capacity < 350Ω
Isolation Strength AC2500v 1min between the input / output


BJ-S12 Support variety of signal input
BJ-S12A Standard 4(0)-20mA
input with Input loop support 26V..18V power
BJ-S12B Standard 4(0)-20mA input
BJ-S12T TC(K E S B R J T N) or
mV(-80-+80) V(0-1) input
BJ-S12R RTD (PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000, Cu50) or
R(0-400Ω. 0-4000Ω) input