W-3000 Wireless temperature monitor

This wireless monitor device use 433Mhz radio transmittion, only fix remote probe to electrical junction or any other place that need detect temperature. Optinal different quantity remote node that suit various switchgear or site condition.

Inside battery can support max 3 years working, do not need especial wiring in installation work. Plug-Play design, and free to maintance in battery life.

With a panel mounting display unit, provide 1*RS485 port for remote collect metering data; 1*KYZ conrtactor(1NO&1NC) for local trig VCB or connect other alarm executive device.

File Update time
BJ-W3000_1.4.pdf 2020-03-11
W-3000 Wireless temperature monitor
W-3000 Wireless temperature monitor


-. Dedicated to high voltage bus line contact point temperature detection
-. Wireless remote reading value, easy for site install
-. Contactless detection to avoid high voltage isolation failure
-. Sensor probe comes with battery, maintenance-free for 3 years
-. Provide 10 list SOE record
-. Optional sensor self-powered from bus line

Power Supply AC / DC 80-270V, 45-65Hz
DC 20-60V (Optional)
Maximum power consumption  6W
Wireless Remote Sensing Unit Standard type 3-12*
Temperature monitor range From 0°C ~ 99 °C
Wireless communication frequency  433MHZ / 460Mhz / 869Mhz
Transmit power Less than 20mW
Distance of the receiver and monitor Up to 80m (260 foot)
Battery life 3-5 years (Every fifteen minutes to send a data)
Working environment Temperature: -20~ +125
Humidity: RH 20%95%No condensation
Protection Panel: IP40
Storage Conditions Temperature: -25℃~+60
Humidity: RH 20%95%


Notes: * for different VCB or Switchgear need different temperature monitor point, Three phase minimum have A,B,C (L1, L2, L3) three contact point

W3000-3S 3*MRS-ES, 1*W2000
W3000-6S 6*MRS-ES, 1*W2000
W3000-9S 9*MRS-ES, 1*W2000
W3000-12S 12*MRS-ES, 1*W2000