SCT-X compact Split core current transformer for use with insulated cables. Fast and simple installation with 100mA (0.333V) output and Class 1 or class 0.5 accuracy.



Secondary side current less than 1A
Optional epoxy or silicon steel core
Splite core design for wiring cable
Compact size for residental switchgear enclosure
With 1 meter distance copper wire for easy installation

Rated Primary Current Up to 500A
Secondary side Output ../100mA or ../0.333V @ ± 0.5% from 5% to 120%
or ../1A @ ± 1% from 5% to 120%
Insulation Voltage 600VAC
Maximum input voltage 5000VAC(Insulated Conductor)
Phase angle error Less than 2 degrees at 50% of rated current
Frequency Range 50 Hz to 400 Hz
Operating Temperature  -15Cto 60C
Construction ABS or PC
SCT-T16 Core size 16mm
less than 120A
SCT-T24 Core size 24mm
less than 300A
SCT-T36 Core size 36mm
less than 500A