CP-S (Synchroscope)

CP-S Synchroscope indicator show the status of phase difference and frequency difference between two power generator or power system. When the voltage and frequencies in between power generator and network is consistency, rotation of LED Roulette will be slowed down until the SYNC LED is on. Both system can be synchronized and connect the generator to the power network.

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CP-S (Synchroscope)
CP-S (Synchroscope)


M4 screw connections with clamps make this easier Clamping the connecting wires. 
Housing use matiral match UL94V-0 standard
All fastenings suitable for shaking and shock resistance.

Measuring Voltage AC53V 100V 220V 380V 415V Optional
Frequency Range 40-70 Hz
Panel size 72x72mm, 96x96mm, 144x144mm Optional
Ambient temperature  -25C to +55C
Automatic control with relay output or without relay output

Wiring Diagram

CP-S-X Pointer synchroscope meter
KLY-S-D Digital synchroscope meter
KLY-S-DR Digital synchroscope meter with relay