Temperature data logger
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RC-5 temperature data logger
RC-5 data logger is mainly used for temperature recording during storage and transportation of foodstuff medicine chemicals and other products especially widely used in all links of warehousing logistics and cold chain such as refrigerated containers refrigerated trucks refrigerated package cold storage laboratory etc.
• Temperature unit: C or F optional
• Temperature measuring range: -30C~ 70C
• Accuracy: ±0.5C(-20C~ 40C); Others +1C;
• Resolutio: 0.1C
• Record capacity: 32000points(MAX);
• Record interval: 10s~24hour adjustable;
• Sensor: Internal NTC thermal resistor;
• Communication interface: USB interface;
• Power supply: inner wide temperature CR2032 battery or power supply via USB interface;
• Battery life: in normal temperature if the record interval sets as 15 minutes it could be used half a year.
Initial use:
1. Install RC-5 temperature data logger data management software.
2. Connect RC-5 with computer via USB and install USB driver according to the Installation Tips.
3. Open RC-5 temperature data logger data management software click the connection icon   in the tool bar. After checking the connection information exit from connection interface.
4. Click the parameters setting icon  in the tool bar. After finish the parameters setting click "save" button to save all the parameters and exit from parameter setting interface.  
5. Exit from RC-5 temperature data logger data management software.
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  • RC-5 User Manual ver_1.1
  • PDF
  • 264KB
  • 12-17-2015
  • RC-5 PC connect software
  • RAR
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  • 12-17-2015