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Honesty & quality, customer & service first

Blue Jay committed to improve the accessibility and delivery of industrial electrical gear for clients the worldwide. Our clients benefit from our unique, integrated delivery platforms which include: consulting, troubleshooting technical problems, offering new solutions for obsolete gear, hands-on management of your custom engineered solution, field start up support and 24/7 emergency assistance.

Two production facilities

Electric metering device and Automatic protection relay produce from two factories, redundant plants ensure order delivery.


Factories introduce and implement the ISO9001 standard, most products line compliant with CE, part of product pass UL, Optional ROSH according to order requirements.

OEM & ODM Services

20+ persons mature and stable developing engineers team, can provide customized development services for part of product line to meet different OEM & ODM request.

Why Choose Us

We are constantly looking at our range of products and the requests our customers are making. Choose us, you can enjoy the service from mature and stable developing engineers team, provide customized development services for part of product line to meet different OEM & ODM request. Our on-line products index is increasing all the time, sales engineer team can assist you to selection products from professional vendor company in China, provide cost-effective one-stop procurement solutions.
Main products Range

Main products Range

19 series digital meter
MCM multi-channel meter
QP/DP series transmitter
98 series circuit breaker manager
PR series digital motor protector
SI series I/O module
DH series switchgear Peltier condense
AFR series arc flash protective relay
special improved products

special improved products

According to the different requirements of customers, we also provide special improved products with higher anti-EMC interference and higher IP protection performance. Especially suitable for special sites and can ensure long-term work in harsh environments such as the field, tunnels, and basements monitoring and control request.

Company History

Years of Experiences


CNDE Founded

Guilin Mo establish CNDE for making digital panel meter and temperature controller.


ESSENCE Co-found

Co-founder Chen Luis bring team to join in, build ESSENCE brand for OEM market, same year started export business.


Blue Jay Establish

Export department established Blue Jay separately, CND focus on Automatic relay protection, ESSENCE focus on metering products.


Expand ODM

Exploring the ODM business on the basis of OEM orders, publish MCM series multi-channel electricity meter, MICO-RACE wireless monitor system.


Expand product line

Expand electrical fire monitoring, motor protector product line.


Start Purchase business

Blue Jay conducts third-party sourcing business to help customers find high-quality Chinese product supplies in electrical industry.


Expand product line

Expand electrical cabinet dehumifier, electrical fire monitor, Battery online monitor product line.


Expand product line

Developing partial discharge monitor and arc flash protect device, residual-current monitor.


New workshop

Relocated to new factory, workshop total expanded to 3000 square meters, total production staff is 150+ people, and development team is 20+ people.


Integrated suppler

Integrate supporting PCB production and patch processing plants to improve production efficiency.
Make your electrical-related property safety and efficient

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