Technology of Electrical Automatic


Blue Jay products solutions are as flexible as your projects and requirements in the field of power industry. No matter whether for the field of generation, for transport or for regional and local distribution, even residential electricity grids and DC Systems: At Blue Jay Technology you will find exactly the right offer for your project.
Introduce the composition principle of the electrical fire monitoring system, share the design concept and specifications in monitor application.
The BMS monitoring system monitor and signalise deep battery discharge in real time, eventually discharging of particular cells of battery sets.
Circuit breakers tend to gather dirt, moisture, and contaminants while in service.
Power factor correction is the ratio of the active (in other words, usable) power in kilowatts (kW) to the total (active and reactive) power in kilovolt amperes (kVA, calculated as: kW / kVA = PF).
Lead acid batteries are widely used in many industries and applications. The telecommunications industry uses a series stack of 4pcs lead-acid batteries to provide a 48V battery pack.
Blue Jay developed MICO-RACE wireless temperature monitor, is a completely customized monitoring display and alarm system.
Smart energy metering need high quality equipment for monitoring power consumption especially in large-scale public buildings.
Insulation monitoring device is widely used in DC Panel. This article will introduce the DC panel insulation monitoring from the definition, reason, working principle and so on.
Insulation monitor is widely used in DC Charging Stations, DC EV Charger. This article will introduce the Insulation Monitoring for DC Charging Stations from requirements, reason, features and so on.