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OEM/ODM service

In addition to research and development, and production of power automation and power protection in industry and commercial, we also specialize in offering OEM & ODM service to meet our customer needs.

Why do you need our OEM and ODM service? 

1.Your business is our business.

2.High-quality products can help you consolidate your market position and expand your market share. We can provide you with unique and diverse customized products.

3.For small boutique brands, choosing OEM and ODM services is an effective strategy to stand in the fierce competitive environment.

What can we provide OEM& ODM service? 

Based on years of development experience, we can provide you with one-stop design customization services in the following three types:

Replacement of UI design (type OEM-I) 

Entrusting party wishes to re-edit/organize according to the existing product UI files from Blue Jay. The OEM ODM Service for product UI design is suitable for all electrical metering devices and automatic protection relays such as OEM energy meters.

Please pay a certain amount in advance as the purchase fund for the accessories, which are required for the production of labels/stickers etc. Blue Jay will sign a one-year purchase intention contract with you. If the accessories are not consumed before the expiration date, we will scrap them and will not return the advance money.

Notes: This requires you (our clients) to provide the trademark authorization letter of the sales area or country.

Design on existing products (type OEM-II) 

You (Entrusting party) are basically satisfied with Blue Jay’s existing products but you want to add or reduce some software functions, reduce unnecessary hardware functions, or adjust some hardware parameters to save cost or other purposes. All our electrical metering and automatic protection relays support this OEM and ODM serivce.

Please purchase the target product at least once as an initial test sample. After clarifying existing product performance, you should provide a document to declare function requirements by email.

Blue Jay Engineer Team will evaluate all of your needs in a short time. It will take about 2-15 days. During this period, our Sales Team will discuss with you (our client) about potential order frequency and the approximate annual purchase quantities and will collect the necessary information for developing project use.

After that, Our Sales Team will re-quote the products. If you accept a new quotation, please re-order 2-3 pcs test samples for functional inspection. Blue Jay engineers will spend 3-15 days to make special modifications to the product to meet the requirements, and the timeline depends on the complexity level of the requirement. At last there will be 2 situations for OEM products:

A.- Satisfy with the acceptance test, products will be assigned a new PN code and ready for the formal procurement process, you can order it via this new PN code in the future;

B.- Not satisfied with the acceptance test, you must provide a detailed feedback document (1) of the unsatisfied points or defect of the sample in 10 days. Blue Jay will do its best effort deal with it in the shortest possible time through remote assistance or free-to-replace test samples. If still not satisfied, we will quit this OEM-II order.

New design available on demand (ODM) 

You (Entrusting party) expect to improve or imitate existing products, require a new industrial design, or change/reconstruct the functions of Blue Jay ‘s existing products to meet specific market needs. As for this OEM ODM service, we also can customize some brand products for you, especially for OEM energy meters.

Please purchase samples from Blue Jay at least once, or provide sample products to Blue Jay as an initial function check. Then, you should provide detailed requirements documents, including but not limited to application scenarios, installation dimensions, description of functional requirements, etc.

Blue Jay will sign a non-disclosure agreement with you (our client) first, and then the engineering team will carefully evaluate all your needs. It will take about 7-30 days. During this period, our Sales Team will discuss with expected price range of the final product, they also can cooperate with your marketing staff to explore the competitor’s price, functional differences, and other information about similar products in a certain target market.

The engineering team will submit 1-3 feasible technical solutions according to the target price range after the evaluation period. Based on annual purchase quantities and further market evaluation, you can make a decision to choose one solution and move to the next stage. It will take approximately 10-20 days in our experience.

We will draw up a development contract, stipulating the obligations of both parties and list all valid agreeing terms during the former conversation period.

After signing the contract and paying the development fee, Blue Jay will enter the formal development phase. Depending on the difficulty level of the project, will take about 40-90 days, generally divided into 4 stages:

P-1. Circuit schematic design;

P-2. PCB circuit board drawing and external processing; Product industrial design (if there need);

P-3. Component procurement and welding; 3D proofing of enclosure (if there need);

P-4. Prototype products coding and final in factory testing.

2-3 prototypes with enclosure will be delivered after passing in factory test. You need to do the acceptance functional test as soon as possible; we hope to get formal feedback within 30 days. There may be 2 situations:

A.- Satisfy with the acceptance test, will enter the enclosure mold-making process (2). After the final UI design is completed, 2-3pcs pre-production units will be delivered again for final confirmation. After final acceptance inspection, it will be assigned a new PN code, and enter the formal production stage;

B.- Not satisfied with the acceptance test, after you provide detailed feedback document (1), the Blue Jay engineer will arrange to modify prototypes free of charge within the scope agreed in the development contract, and provide samples again. It may take 10-180 days or longer if there have been multiple times modified.

If the prototypes still fail the acceptance test due to Blue Jay’s reasons, we will suspend this ODM project and refund the development fee (3) that has been paid.

Mark (1): The feedback document must include the following information at least:

.- Test pictures or videos in the installation or use environment.

.- Text content that can accurately express the discrepancies with the original requirements.

.- Description of test methods and steps against product performance in such test steps.

.- Other information you thought was important.

Please use email to transmit feedback documents! If conversation on chat tools, please organize and edit it into one or multiple documents for transmission via email.

Mark (2): If there are requirements for appearance, generally need to redesign a new mold for an enclosure, unless the client provides the enclosure by itself. Blue Jay has long-term cooperation with mold companies and can provide quotations for evaluation after the development phase begins. You can also find a suitable mold company by itself. Blue Jay only needs to receive a valid enclosure that meets the acceptance criteria before the official production.

Mark (3): If the acceptance fails due to your intentional obstacle or other factors, Blue Jay may seek a third-party laboratory for independent testing. If the product meets the design requirements of developing the contract after the test, Blue Jay has the right to refuse a refund. Under this situation, Blue Jay will recover the paid laboratory fees from the client

Trust us, you will earn more from our good products.

Summarize of the OEM & ODM service

OEM & ODM ServiceReplacement of UI designDesign on existing productsNew design available on demand
Spend time period3-10 Days10-30 Days60-180 Days
CostSmallSmall to MediumHighest
Sign the documentPIPI or developing contractDeveloping contract
IP rights belongsTo Blue Jay, except logos provide by clientsTo Blue JayTo client
SamplesPurchased by clientPurchased by clientCost include in developing contract advance payment
Restrictions on Blue JayCan sell original products to other customers in the same areaForbid sell modified products to other customers in the same area, but can sell to different countryDo not advertise this special product unless the customer terminate the contract

Design Process of Our OEM & ODM Service

1.Product Discussion

You can reach out to us via email, phone call, online chat, or by visiting our company to discuss your product and customization requests.

2.Customization and Design

Our planning team will tailor product solutions to your specific needs. We’ll need your active support in providing the necessary details and images to design products that meet your expectations.

3.Contract Signing

Once you’re satisfied with our OEM & ODM solutions, we’ll proceed to sign official contracts and handle the deposit. We’ll then initiate production and sample design.

4.Sample Confirmation

We’ll create a sample based on your product design and send it to you for confirmation. If any adjustments are needed, we’ll make them according to your feedback to ensure the desired outcome.

5.Long-Term Cooperation and Quality Assurance

Once you receive and approve the OEM sample products, we will proceed with production and deliver the ordered products to your specified destination at the agreed-upon time. We are committed to providing comprehensive after-sales support and prompt solutions as you use our products. We look forward to establishing a long-term partnership to deliver high-quality, guaranteed products. Feel free to place your order!

We focus on long-term business, not one-time promotions. We are looking forward to providing ODM and OEM services to develop and expand your business with you.

Successful Case of Our OEM & ODM Service

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