Intelligent monitoring system for temperature of substation equipment

03 Sep 2021269

Aiming at the current problem of insufficient energy supply, data transmission and remote monitoring functions of the acquisition sensors for the operating temperature of substation equipment, BLUE JAY has developed an online intelligent monitoring and early warning system for substation equipment temperature based on wireless passive temperature sensors. Because operating equipment such as circuit breakers and transformers work under high voltage and high current environmental conditions for a long time, monitoring and maintaining the temperature of each equipment is an indispensable link to ensure the reliable operation of the power grid. Due to the lack of an effective online monitoring and early warning system for equipment temperature, there have been reports of fire accidents caused by excessively high equipment operating temperatures in substations in recent years, which has seriously affected the reliability of power supply of the power grid and caused large economic losses to power companies. Even personal injuries.




The product name CJ19 Circuit Breaker mainly solves the real-time and accurate collection of temperature of substation operating equipment and reliable data transmission under high voltage and strong electric field interference environment. At the same time, it realizes unified centralized monitoring, trend analysis, abnormal warning and linkage protection of the temperature of various operating equipment of substations. Device trip protection and other functions.


Model CJ19 witching capacitor contactors (hereafter called " the contactor" for short) are the contactors specially used for make and break of low voltage shunt capacitors and widely used in reactive power used for make and break of capacitor up to 60kvar in electric power system of AC50Hz and rated working voltage 380V for the purpose of improvement of power factor. We have 25A, 32A, 43A, 63A, 80A, 95A contactors.


Therefore, reasonable, effective and reliable temperature detection technology is used to monitor the temperature of transformers, bus bars, cables and action switch contacts and other parts that are prone to heat in real time, so as to find out hidden dangers of equipment operating temperature in time and realize abnormal alarms. It is of great significance to ensure the reliable operation of substation equipment.


Up to now, the indicators of CJ19 Circuit Breaker temperature measurement device in terms of power supply, temperature measurement, data transmission, etc. are in line with the expected goals, which greatly reduces the frequency and work intensity of on-site temperature measurement for users, and the temperature measurement is more timely and accurate, which improves equipment operation efficiency and reduces monitoring systems. In terms of repeated investment, it can reduce operation and maintenance and construction costs and bring huge economic benefits. At the same time, it also provides data reference and practical basis for the fine planning and layout of smart grid sensor systems.