Dry arc suppression coil

07 Jul 202243

Arc suppression coils are widely used in various mines, steel mills, petroleum, chemical building materials, and high-voltage distribution network systems in large and medium-sized cities. When a single-phase ground fault occurs in the system, it is an effective measure to reduce ground current and suppress arc ground overvoltage.

1. Biased magnetic arc suppression coil

Basic working principle: The reluctance of the iron core is changed by applying a DC excitation current. So as to achieve the purpose of changing the reactance value of the arc suppression coil. It can adjust the inductance value at electrical speed with high voltage. When the power grid is in normal operation, no excitation current is applied, and the arc suppression coil is adjusted to a state far away from the resonance point to avoid the possibility of series resonance overvoltage and various resonance overvoltage, without the need for damping resistors, and real-time detection of the capacitance current size, When the single-phase grounding occurs in the power grid, the arc suppression coil is adjusted instantaneously to implement the best compensation.

The characteristics of the bias magnetic automatic tracking compensation arc suppression coil device:

1. The adjustment precision is high.

2. High reliability and long service life.

3. Online real-time detection. Automatic tracking compensation.

4. Fast response.

5. The adjustment range is large.

6. Dynamic compensation without damping resistance.

7. The control system is fully functional.

8. Grounding line selection function.

2. Turn-adjustable arc suppression coil

In our company's products, the position of the damping resistor is changed from the traditional primary side series to the secondary side series connection. The working voltage is low, which avoids the situation that the damping resistor is easy to burn, and can greatly improve the safety of the system. Since the damping resistor is connected to the secondary side, in the process of auto-tuning, the damping changes proportionally with the number of turns of the coil, the damping rate is constant, and it is always in the best damping state.

Features of the turn-adjustable arc suppression coil compensation set:

1. Higher security.

2. Better damping effect.

3. Better capacitance current measurement and tracking method.

4. Higher reliability.

5. Smooth upgrade (one controller can control three).

6, the operation is more convenient

7. Improve your historical data record, query and export.

8. Better communication support.

The fault recording function of the grounding line selection system can completely save the transient process before and after the fault occurs.